What To Do When The Idea Of Change Creates Anxiety

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

Does the idea of change have you running for the hills?  It’s natural to want to stay with what you know even it’s not fulfilling or comfortable.  Then of course there are those times in life when change might be forced on you – it isn’t your choice, but there’s nothing you do can about it.  Suddenly the idea of the future you imagined is snatched from you.  It can be scary meeting that feeling of no control.

How much energy have you wasted, I wonder, complaining about things because you don’t accept a situation but you are reluctant to take action to change it?  Have you asked yourself, “What am I fearing in doing nothing about this?”


A common definition of change is ‘to substitute or replace something.’  Do you perhaps worry that change might mean you are worse off than you are now?  Sometimes your circumstances can be a benefit to you (such as for instance – your work friendships, your nice holidays, a convenience) and you might not want to let that go.

Do you perhaps worry that you might fail in your attempt to make a change, or that you won’t follow through on your commitment?  Imagining how badly you might feel can keep you experiencing anxiety and running from the possibility of embracing change.

If you are one of those many people who fear change, you may have any of these worries.  You stay where you are – in your life, in your job, in your relationship, in your town – because it’s just what you know and it feels safe in that familiar comfort zone of discontent.

You might like to set yourself a few minutes aside in your busy day today to recall and perhaps even list down all your memories that you connect to change?  Notice if they are good experiences and if you were better or worse off as a result.

… And what if…

you put a spin on ‘change’ and called it ‘transformation’ instead?

The two words are largely interchangeable but there is a subtle difference.  You are immensely swayed by the language you use because you unconsciously associate emotion and experience to your thoughts.

Does change suggest a conscious effort to get a result whereas a transformation may suggest to you a slower more unconscious process that happens naturally, almost by itself?

As you let your mind play with this idea?  I wonder does change feel ‘sudden’ to you yet do you consider ‘transformation’ to be an evolving process – softer somehow, perhaps?

Do you believe that if something transforms it becomes something better?  A caterpillar into butterfly… a bud into a beautiful flower…

Whilst ‘change’ may seem to you something beyond your control which may generate anxiety, transformation is a process very much from within yourself as a result of updating the beliefs you hold.   When you consider change as transformation, does the idea seem more appealing to you?

Every misfortune and struggle you experience has the potential to transform into an opportunity for your life to be better in some way.

You can CHOOSE today to begin to TRANSFORM YOURSELF away from an unconfident and stressed worrier in to a calmer and more confident you.   You can choose to begin to question the beliefs you hold and choose positive and nurturing thoughts instead.  When you transform your thinking, you transform your world – you see things differently in your life and you respond differently.   This transformation ripples into the company you keep and the opportunities you encounter.

If you could dare to dream… If you could transform yourself into your Ideal ‘Best Self’ what would you be like?  What would be different for you in your life?  Spend a few moments now and vividly this with feeling.

The brilliant and inspiring Coco Chanel – a mentor for the empowerment of women, way beyond her time – famously said “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, transform it into a door.”

Let’s open the door.

Until next time

With love and light

Lisa x

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