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“Hello and Welcome to Episode 32 of ‘Tuesday Choose Day’, my inspirational weekly post.

My aim here is to inspire you to feel more positive and more confident within yourself so you can find your way to overcome anxiety and create the change you want to happen in your life.”  I’m offering you here every Tuesday straight to your inbox empowering strategies to help you to take control, feel better and feel good!


Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

Are you perhaps tired of feeling overwhelmed and always on the go and in a hurry?  You know what I mean…? That rushing from one place to the next, from one chore to the next?

If this is you, then you may need to create some space around you mentally and physically.  It might be a good idea for you to simplify things in your environment, in your relationship and in your life in general.

The biggest reason life gets complicated is in expecting too much of yourself and in being too hard on yourself.


Let’s look at what you might do to help you to be kind to yourself in ten easy steps – and keep it simple sweetheart (instead of stupid!)…

  1. Get some regular downtime away from technology, social media and television – you’ll be amazed how much time you will create.
  2. Be content with less.  Clear out your clutter.  Moderation is the key in every area of your life, not just materially, but physically and psychologically too.  Less in some areas creates space to do more in other areas, so overall your life becomes more balanced.
  3. Reduce the drama!  Let daily niggles pass you by and over your head.  You know that saying – ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’.
  4. Get some space outdoors and some physical exercise.  Simply walking boosts your energy and inspires creativity.
  5. Don’t take yourself too seriously and learn to laugh at yourself.
  6. Take responsibility for the circumstances you find yourself in and the actions you choose to take.  Quit blaming and complaining.
  7. Accept you are not superhuman.  It’s Ok to mess up sometimes.  You can’t stay on top of everything all the time.  Learn to accept that you can’t do it alone and allow yourself to ask for support sometimes.
  8. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and forgive others for their mistakes too.  Otherwise the only one you ultimately punish is yourself.
  9. Don’t worry so much about other people’s agenda – what they said, or even what they did… what they might think of you or how they might judge you. Adopt the belief that most people are well intentioned and are trying to do the best they can with what they know just now.  They can do no more and neither can you.
  10. Let go of perfection.  Simply strive to be the best you can be instead.

I hope this helps you – let me know how you get on.

Until next time

With love and light  x

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