When Getting Lost Makes You Anxious – Here’s How To Find Your Way.

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

What do you tend to do when you lose your way?

I wonder how long it takes you to admit that you are lost?  And when you realise you are in fact lost, what do you do?  Do you mostly pretend to yourself and to others that you are not?

When you get that first thought that you might be going in the wrong direction, how do you react?  Do you stop and check the map or switch on your sat nav to try to figure it for yourself or, do you just keep walking or driving, hoping for a sign post or clue that will point the way for you?

How long does it take for you to ask for help?

There’s a saying that is…. “How you do anything is how you do is everything!”

So how you cope when you get lost in getting to your destination is likely the same way that you react to dealing with emotional difficulty or challenging circumstances in your everyday life.



Let’s consider together now the key steps you would perhaps need to follow in order to get yourself back towards your destination in the best way?

  1. Get real. Be honest with yourself and accept you are lost.
  2. You have to know where you want to go, otherwise you’re just moving aimlessly and wasting time and energy – and even money.
  3. To make the journey worthwhile, you’ll need to know the reason you’re going there.
  4. You’ll need to plan your route and be prepared for the odd detour and to take a break and re-charge when you need to along the way.
  5. Especially if it’s a fair distance, to keep you motivated to see the journey through, you’ll need to know what it will be like when you get there and how you will know when you have arrived? Otherwise, chances are, you will drive straight past and get lost again.
  6. You’ll need to pay attention to signposts along the way so that you stay on track. You can also chart the progress you are making in noticing how far you have travelled.
  7. The very moment you suspect you are losing your way, pull over and do the simplest thing – ask for help! The truth is everyone gets lost at times – there’s no shame in admitting you have lost your way. It’s just what happens at times being the fallible human being you are.    Have you ever asked someone for direction and felt frustrated as you realised you are asking the wrong person?!  I know I have.  When you’ve committed you realise your mistake, or worse still they send you off in the wrong direction because despite what they said, they didn’t really know the way either?!  It reminds me of a car sticker that I saw once that read… “Don’t follow me.  I’m lost too…”

It’s tempting then, to quit trusting – but that just means you stay stuck.

The key, of course, is to be selective and make sure you ask the right person!

Finally, remember to breathe.  Take some calming breaths, and when your mind feels clearer, refer back to your map.  When you ask the right person, I will help you to find out where you are now and together we’ll find the right road to take towards the next signpost ahead.  Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way again.

To your success

Until next time

With love and light x

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