Why Investing In Yourself Is Never Self-Indulgent

How do you see it?

Society will often have us believe that it is wrong to focus on ourselves… 

If we talk well of ourselves and of how we love who we are, and of what we can achieve – we might be seen as…

vain or… arrogant or… ‘too full of ourselves.’

I Wonder?

Does This Keep You from Allowing Your Light to Fully Shine for You?

This ‘playing small’ idea extends often into how for so many women just like you, it can feel self-indulgent to invest in yourself in order to heal and grow in your life today.  As a mum you might feel guilty if you spend money on yourself instead of on your kids? As a wife you might feel compromised to spend joint funds on yourself only? …and you might even be too afraid or intimidated to ask your partner for their financial support?

If I may, I’d like to share some encouraging thoughts from a lovely client Rosa this morning, who had been wrestling with the limiting belief that self-investment is self-indulgent.

I asked first, what does ‘investing in yourself’ by working with me bring you?

Rosa replied…

      1. An external and more objective view on my situation
      2. It creates clarity and focus in order to understand and explore the root of the issue… 
      3. And I feel fully supported!

I then asked, what does this mean for you?

Rosa replied…

It has put a safety net under me which has allowed me to move forward safely from a place where I was stuck and floundering… to now feeling more empowered, more clear-sighted and more able to look at things in context, and with balance.

I then asked, what’s the bigger impact of this for you in your world?

Rosa replied…

It has made me a more solid person, more grounded and more stable.  I have become more truly myself.

I asked further, and what has been the benefit for those close to you, for others in your life?

Rosa replied…

It has engendered confidence and self-assurance in my children

It has strengthened and balanced my relationship with my husband

It has added gravitas to my friendships, and others have commented that they have drawn from my confidence and seeming ‘grounded.’

It has created a calmer working environment with colleagues.

I asked in summary, so please tell me HOW is this self-indulgent?

Rosa laughed and replied…

It isn’t.

Does this make sense to you?

I hope this encourages you to fully appreciate that investing in yourself has a phenomenal ripple effect.

You see, it helps not only yourself; it also brings massive benefits to everyone in your life.  There is no doubt that investing in yourself is the best thing you can possibly do not just for you, but for those who matter most to you.  Learning to love yourself enough creates more love and security within your world in every way, in ways you might never have imagined.

If you’d be open to booking a call to talk through how you can create magic in your world too, click here for the link you need.

It’s your turn now – and I’m excited to get started with you.

Until then,

Lisa Skeffington Anxiety Expert

Lisa Skeffington

Anxiety Expert – Anxiety Help Bournemouth & Christchurch, UK
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