How A Woman’s Work Fuels Anxiety Crisis

As an Anxiety Consultant, I had a beachtalking experience last week with a lovely client – it was a fantastic opportunity to get out in the vibrant winter sun. Brisk exercise in the fresh air is proven by recent studies to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. For some, it often makes a nice change from the drudge of a woman’s daily work and domestic chores. The stretch of coastline I like to use for all my beachtalking sessions is uncommercial. It is often a new introduction, even for local clients.


Develop an attitude of gratitude

As we sat listening to the waves and watching the sun sparkle on the sea, we both took a moment to breathe and really appreciate how special this time was and how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. Life is full of moments to treasure the abundance in our lives. Being grateful calms anxiety; you can’t feel gratitude and have anxiety at the same time! Try it for yourself.


My ‘ever on the go’ client commented how she rarely treats herself to such a simple luxury – to sit in the sunshine and enjoy a delicious almond milk cappuccino, listening to and watching the waves kiss the shore. I wonder if you might say the same? This, we agreed, was a classic “Me Time’ occasion.


Find every opportunity to chill in your day

All too often you may find yourself caught up in the anxiety laden ‘busyness’ of living, which means you miss out on golden opportunities to really take care of yourself and nurture your own balance in life.


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Before my divorce I used to read the poem “A Woman’s Work” many times over and tell myself… one day! That day came over two years ago now and I haven’t looked back since. I took action at the right time to find my power and to end a very traditional marriage, which was no longer right for me.


Supporting women in life crisis

Supporting women in life crisis with my bespoke therapy and mentoring programmes means that more and more women like you and me, are learning to accept the value in being true to themselves, and to find the right path to get their needs met, so that they too may feel better within themselves and about themselves.


Increasingly, for many women, grappling with the idea of a ‘woman’s work’ is becoming an outdated concept because more and more women like you are finding the courage and the commitment to get their voices heard and their needs met.   Sexist jokes like “Why is a woman’s wedding dress white?” “To match the other kitchen appliances!” are outdated and largely frowned upon nowadays.


Are your priorities in order?

Of course, the work gets done – just no longer with such an urgent, demanding and stressful agenda.


The dust will be back again tomorrow.. the clothes will always need washing and the supermarket shop will always need replenishing… but the sun may not be shining – and let’s remember that we never actually know how many days we have left to live anyway! For me, every time I walk out of my front and feel the sun on my back as I head to the beach, I think of the poem “A Woman’s Work” and smile.


Here’s a snip from the poem…


“… but in this empty space now you are gone

I find the time I didn’t have before

I lock the house and walk out to the sun

Where the sea beats upon a wider shore

And a woman’s work is never done

Not any more.”


Find your smile today and go get your balance back in your life too!   If you need my help, I’m right here.  Click here to send me an email and let’s talk.


With love and light

Lisa x


Lisa Skeffington, Anxiety Expert – Anxiety Help Bournemouth & Ringwood


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