Stress at Work

Stress at work is a common problem and one of the biggest health hazards in the workplace. Although some stress is normal, prolonged stress can take its toll on not just your productivity, but also on your physical and mental health.

Stress now accounts for 40% of all work-related illness, with over 105 million workings days lost to stress each year (Source: The Health and Safety Executive (HSE))

Stress at work can be caused by a number of different factors including undue pressures and demands, a lack of support, relationships within the workplace, long hours, lack of security and isolation amongst other things.

If you’re experience work stress I can help you overcome it.

Stress at Work



Stress in the Workplace

workplace stressPositive stress, that is stress that is manageable within our own threshold, creates an excitement within us, giving us a ‘buzz’ in our working day. We feel more energetic, more dynamic. In this way, we cope better, giving us ‘an edge’ in meetings and presentations, we feel focused and alert, with sharpness and clarity of mind.

However, negative stress occurs when we feel overloaded when there is a worry that we may be seen to not measure up to the job. This can easily get on top of us and this makes the very thing we fear more likely to happen. Because of this worry we might find that our concentration, judgement, confidence, sleep and clarity of thought are affected. This means that our performance at work is further compromised.

In this way, we enter into a self-deprecating downward spiral of stress, from which there may seem no escape. Feelings of self-doubt, rejection, resentment and dejection exacerbate the stress response within us and we become intoxicated with the stress chemicals of adrenalin and cortisol.

We may become anxious before giving a presentation, chairing or participating in meetings, or when making or returning telephone calls to colleagues. This anxiety if ignored and unchecked could develop into social anxiety or create a phobic reaction.


Are you experiencing stress at work?

Understanding and taking control of your stress in the workplace allows you to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and thought process which get in the way of your personal and professional success. Understanding yourself and how you cope with stress leads to a self-awareness that will impact on how you work and how you experience your work.

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Embracing a process to successfully manage your stress at work will help you to turn difficulties into opportunities, to find confidence in yourself and in your abilities, to think smarter and work smarter. In this way, you will learn to overcome procrastination, relate better to your colleagues, be more open to opportunity and stay flexible and creative.

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Bespoke sensitive and pragmatic support for you and your team…

My integrative approach provides you with an opportunity to realise your potential, to be the person – the employee, the boss, the entrepreneur… that you were always meant to be.

I provide bespoke therapies and mentoring for busy professionals experiencing anxiety and overwhelm in their personal and professional life. I help leaders and CEOs in small business enterprises to better support themselves and their staff with emotional stress.  My particular expertise is in stress management, self-esteem and relationship conflict.  I provide a uniquely tailored, flexible and rounded blend of therapies and coaching to suit individual challenges and personalities.

Perhaps you are a manager seeking help on behalf of your colleagues or perhaps seeking help for yourself as an individual.  Either way, if you are looking for ways to cope better with emotional and work related stress and, learn how to adopt strategies to reduce stress and assert yourself more confidently, I’d love to support you.

With my bespoke therapies, mentoring and coaching service, I share empowering strategies that really work to help you to take control and feel happier, and more relaxed and secure within yourself so that you can create personal and professional relationships that work on many levels. I have much experience and have helped many clients over the past eighteen years to achieve the success they deserve. I work with clients either face2face in Ringwood or at your SME workplace, and also nationally and internationally online using Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.

Please do get in touch by phone or Contact me today. It will be my pleasure to arrange to discuss your requirements further.


Testimonials for Stress in the Workplace

“The sessions certainly helped. Initially, they reduced my general state of anxiety that had persisted for many years”.
“At times it was challenging re-visiting negative emotions and experiences from the past but at no stage did I feel pressured. The sessions certainly helped. Initially, they reduced my general state of anxiety that had persisted for many years. Later they dealt with more deep rooted problems that had held me back. The concept of my future self has been most beneficial. My focus at work has been much better and I’ve received positive feedback”.


I left feeling confident that, whilst it might be quite a journey ahead of me, that I could ‘crack’ this problem”.
“Lisa has referred to me by my friend and also by my GP. Lisa was described as incredibly supportive but also straightforward and accessible. I have found her to be all of those things. Lisa listened without judgement and was hugely empathetic. I left feeling confident that, whilst it might be quite a journey ahead of me, that I could ‘crack’ this problem. Lisa provides a supportive, trusting environment; one which is calm and nurturing. She offers forthright help with difficult problems. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others”.


I was in a ‘safe place’ where I was able to discuss things openly
“During my initial consultation, I immediately felt very comfortable in Lisa’s company. I always felt very relaxed and that I was in a ‘safe place’ where I was able to discuss things openly and freely”. 


If you don’t feel quite ready for direct help join my private Facebook community Lifeline Anxiety Help which offers accessible help and support to you online when you need it, in a confidential way.




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